Rely on Geeks For Absolute Growth In

Google Ads

Do you know when Google Ads was launched, it was the most sophisticated ad platform? If advertisers didn’t spend enough time, they wouldn’t taste success.

While it’s more simplified now, the principle remains the same.

Fortunately for you, it’s our daily routine to spend time on Google Ads and help our clients scale up.

We believe the best way to get explosive results on Google Ads is to keep it as structured as possible. Focus on relevant searches and filter out irrelevant searches on a daily basis.

…and let’s not forget about testing ad copies.

We Spent $1.8 Million On Google Ads In The Last 12 Months To Generate $21.6 Million Revenue

And we currently manage $250k+ dollars per month on Google Ads. Imagine when a team spends that much money, time, and dedication on online advertising for 35+ industries - do you know what happens?

You formulate industry-based battle-tested strategies and tactics that work to deliver results.

This team can identify bottlenecks, fix issues with speed, and generate predictable wins that drive your ROI upwards and onwards.

Are You Ready To Generate More Leads & Sales Than You Can Handle?

Don’t take our word for it.

Here are screenshots to help you believe our unbelievable results.

"The client wanted to control his cost per conversion below $10."

"In just 2 months, we delivered 30% growth in numbers and achieved cost per conversion below $10."

"Before we took over, there was barely any movement in the account."

"We brought in consistency and massive scale in performance."